Get Google & Bing to “recommend” your company.

Using state of the art advanced AI and Search Box Optimization technology we can ensure that your company name is placed in front of potential clients eyes before they even see the search results!

Performance related results​.

No on-going contract.

“…and so much better than endless SEO and pay per click campaigns.”

Search Box Optimization and auto complete.

Video 1: Explainer video

In just over 3 minutes you’ll get a full understanding of just how this powerful cutting edge technology will benefit your company.

Boost Brand Positioning
Gain Social Proof & Authority
Powerful Competitive Advantage
Efficient Client Acquisition
First Mover Advantage

Claim Your “Billboard” Position

Take the First Mover Competitive Advantage

Video 2: The Walmart Case Study

You’ll discover exactly which Walmart superstore is using our Search Box Optimization and which keywords they have bought.

See the Power of SBO
Which City Works For You?
Think of keywords
Gain Top of Mind Awareness
Understand the Benefits

Video 3: How to select your keyword/city combinations

In this video, you will see how others are being successful with simple keyword / city combinations.

Shortlist Your Keywords
Which Cities?
Consider Keyword Pairs
Complete the Inquiry Form

At Chit Chat Media, we guarantee that the keyword/city phrase you choose will be exclusively reserved for your company. We never work on the same keyword combination for any other business.

Commercial Superiority

With S.B.O. you will appear in the search bar.

This enhances your firm’s perceived authority and status in the market sector.

Cost Efficient

Your company can occupy the entire first page of search results. Vastly reducing or avoiding expensive pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.

Get the highest visibility & heaps of new clients.

Like Charles J Argento, if you want your company to gain a real advantage over all your competition, simply select a few well used search terms in your industry then dominate the front page with your company links.

Google research shows that around 71% of the searches utilize the auto-complete.  And that’s exactly where you’ll be.

Search box optimization by Chit Chat Media

OWN the Results​ Page

Clicking on that auto-complete takes us to a page dominated by Charles J Argento. It looks like he is the legal super hero!

This is where you make good use of any online citations you have. And if you need more citations created, we can help you with that.

Let’s see what else is on this page …

SBO1a CJArgento 1
SBO1a CJArgento 1
SBO2CJArgento 1024x602 1
SBO2CJArgento 1024×602 1
cjargento SBO4 1024x696 1
cjargento SBO4 1024×696 1

Search Box Optimization Gets Best Results

Today using Search Box Optimization you can dominate the entire organic search results. Previously, to be a serious contender in any market sector, you needed to continually optimize your website with expensive SEO plus employ multiple ongoing  pay-per-click campaigns. Right now, you have the option to out do your competitors, eliminate pay-per-click expenses, and using Search Box Optimization.

How It Works


Compare Search Box Optimization To Standard SEO And PPC

As a new technology, Search Box Optimization sounds similar to standard search engine optimization, or SEO.  However, when analyzing the results, there is very little similarity.  Think of Search Box Optimization as SEO on steroids. There is a vast difference between them. Using the new SBO technology  will allow a business to dominate their market and their industry

Search Box Optimization

  • Fixed cost per month and completely dominates your competition.
  • Compatible with current website – requires little or no access.
  • Consistent results month-to-month.
  • Shuts out your competition on first page of Google and Bing.
  • Takes approximately 60-90+ days to be fully operational.
  • Possible to get all 10 organic spots on 1st page of Google and Bing.
  • Brand awareness for your business in the auto-complete box.
  • Exclusive rights to chosen keywords – no double selling.
  • Auto-complete delivers higher authority perception.
  • Higher ROI due to faster results, higher click-through rates.
  • Lower monthly costs
  • All white hat back-end work.
  • Supported by extensive press releases, videos, social media postings, back links, news blogs, and search processing.


  • Can cost thousands of dollars per month just to keep up with competition.
  • Requires constant management to optimize website and social media posts.
  • Results change on a daily basis.
  • Your clients see your competitors also on page one – maybe higher position that you.
  • Can take 6 – 9 months to get just one keyword ranked at number one. Plus un-going maintenance.
  • May get one position on page one – only.
  • No appearance in the auto-complete – no brand awareness – no perception of authority.
  • Results may regress if competition improves efforts.
  • Auto-complete delivers higher authority perception.
  • Reduced ROI due to higher costs, fewer click-throughs, and more competition.
  • Cannot honestly guarantee results.

In Summary

The bottom line: Search-Box-Optimization (SBO) is far superior to standard SEO and PPC.  We give your business superior search results – possibly 10 spots on the first page versus 1 spot for standard SEO – making it much easier for users to click into your information and become customers.

SBO will yield a higher ROI than standard SEO and PPC due to lower costs and higher click-throughs.  And, SBO gives you consistency – in results and costs. When considering your next step in online marketing, let us help you succeed in a far better, more profitable way.

SBO Search Box Optimization
YT - SBO YouTube Auto complete

Get Your Video on the

auto-complete of YouTube

Video 4: Huge boost to Your YouTube Channel

We are now getting fantastic results in just a few weeks for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to see the keyword phrases start appearing in Bing within 30-40 days, similarly with YouTube it’s about 3 to 4 weeks. Google takes longer, usually appearing in about 90 days, but can take up to six months for a competitive sector.

According to Google, around 71% of users engage with the auto-complete feature, and over 91% of users click through to the results page. When your potential customers see your business suggested in the auto-complete, it increases their confidence in your brand. By being the first option that appears, your business gains a significant advantage over your competitors as every organic listing on the search results page will display your business, leading to a spike in leads for your business.

The Chit Chat Media SBO service gives you first sight advantage. Potential clients will see your company name first and likely click on it. This action not only increases client acquisition for that visitor but also helps all your other organic listings. This occurs because your website is seen as more relevant as more people click through to your website, enhancing your overall SEO ranking.

Using Search Box Optimization also enhances your brand recognition and increases your firms status in the minds of your potential clients.

This service ensures consistent results and controlled monthly costs for your business. For additional information, please refer to the 4 videos above.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Definitely! When people use search engines like Google and Bing, it’s because they’re looking for something specific. This makes them potential customers, they are self-qualifying, highly targeted leads.

In conjunction with Search Box Optimization, Chit Chat Media can support your business with our Max Citation Service to ensure your business has enough auxiliary sources such as Yelp, BBB, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, YouTube, blogs, press releases, and entries in aggregate sites like and DexKnows and hundreds of business directories.

All visitors to your website are tracked using Google analytics which provides you with independent proof that you are getting more traffic. In addition to this, it is usual for you to enjoy more phone calls and physical visits to your business as well as a result of Search Box Optimization.

Definitely! SBO is optimized to work on all devices. Whether the searcher is using a desktop, tablet or mobile, the auto-comlplete will be showing your company name first – no competition.

There are two costs.

First, the set up/reservation fee. This is paid to reserve the keywords for your company and start the back-end work to get your company into the auto complete. It takes time and work to achieve this. This fee is fully refundable if we fail to get you in the auto complete within six months.

Secondly, there is a monthly fee to cover the ongoing work required to keep your company name in the auto complete. If we stop the work, your entry will disappear after a week or two.

This fee is only payable after your company name is appearing in the auto complete. So unlike SEO you do NOT pay for months on end before you are listed. This is a results based service, you only pay for when your company is actually listed. Furthermore, the fee can be cancelled at any time after the first month has been billed. So no long term contract. We aim to provide a positive ROI meaning that it is always for your benefit to continue the service.

Google, Bing and YouTube make continual changes to their search algorithms. If a future change means that you are no longer listed in the auto suggest and stop getting the benefits, you are fully protected because you can cancel the service at any time.

We are happy to have a discussion about your specific implementation of Search Engine Optimisation. The proper use of SBO has the potential to bring in a large and continuous supply of qualified, targeted leads to boost your client acquisition efforts. In addition you get Top of Mind Awareness for your brand.

After submitting the SBO Inquiry form below, the thank you page includes a booking link to set up a virtual meeting where we can discuss the implementation in full. Please include any questions on the form as well.

We look forward to working with you.

ACE Hardware

We have many departments we are focussing on.

Very happy with this marketing strategy.

Store Manager

Pet food, Clothing, Pet supplies, Electronics store, Grocery, Grocery delivery, Office supplies.

I am very excited …  

Mr. Brown

Canada Adoption

We saw the results.  When our customers search for adoption services in Canada, our name shows in the auto-suggest, and customers are using this to find us.  The search box optimization program works great.


Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 24, 2023

I was unsure.

Worth the gamble !!!

Charles Keeping

Walmart Store Employees

If you are employed by Walmart, you probably want to make sure your store manager is aware of our special arrangement.

Become a local super hero by ensuring that your store manager does not miss out on the Walmart-head-office-approved SBO deal.

Just make sure your store manager sees this website.

Special contact email: [email protected]

Walmart using Search box optimization by Chit Chat Media

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Video transcription:

If you’re in business, you’ve probably tried to optimize your website, either on your own or through an SEO company that you paid for. So you also probably know that it can take six months or more, usually more, to see high placement on search results and organic listings. Even then, you’d be doing well to obtain even one spot on the first page of Google and other search engines.

But imagine being able to have your business show up in Google right at that moment when your prospects, your customers, start searching. Before they hit enter, before your competition can even be seen, your business will show up in the one place that has 100% of your customer’s attention. They can’t help but see your name.

I’m talking about the search box. This is the most used part of the search engine. It’s also known by other names like autocomplete or autosuggest.

When a consumer types in that keyword phrase, for example, plumbing Los Angeles, your business will be seen in the autocomplete box next to the searched phrase. By having your business name in the search suggestion when a customer clicks on it, you can take over the entire first page of the results, not just one spot. We call this search box optimization.

Now you might be wondering, exactly what benefit does my business get from this? The main one is customers. Everything begins with a search. You are gaining a powerful advantage over your competitors simply by being the first thing that a customer sees when they start typing something related to your business or product.

Besides the obvious benefits of having interested customers calling you, wanting what you sell, there are some other benefits that make it really attractive, such as owning the entire first page of search results. You know the biggest issue with standard SEO? Everyone else is doing it too. Just think of how many SEO companies call you every week.

So even if you’re sitting at the top of page one, some of your competition is too, and they want your spot. With search box optimization, not only do your customers see you before ever seeing your competition, but when they choose your business name from the autocomplete box, you can own the entire first page of search results, no competition. The next benefits are things called social proof and authority.

When a customer starts typing into Google and sees the results pop up, they’re going to think this is what everyone else is searching for, or Google recommends this business. That’s called social proof. If you’re already doing any kind of organic SEO, getting relevant traffic to your website is going to help your website rank in searches for your industry or type of business.

If you’re a plumber and people go to your website because they clicked on the phrase Los Angeles plumbing and your business name, that’s going to signal to Google that they have found exactly what they were looking for, and Google will see your website as a trusted place to send more traffic. That’s called authority. Companies are spending crazy amounts of money every year to get consumers to remember their name.

It’s called top of mind awareness. Imagine if each time somebody searches in a specific industry, they always see your company’s name associated with it. When someone selects you from the search results, then clicks on that result, Google will remember everything they do.

Google is constantly trying to show consumers what it thinks is most relevant or important to them. So if someone’s looking for an attorney, then clicks away to look at other practices, they will keep seeing your business name every time they type in that keyword phrase. Don’t wait to jump on this technology.

The response has been outstanding. Hi, David here from Chit Chat Media, and I’d like to share with you a demonstration of search box optimization. And the case we’re going to use is our early adopters Walmart.

So after clearing it with head office, the Minneapolis store was selected for the first implementation, and that was store number 2198. The store manager was very keen to snap up some major keywords and combine them with Minneapolis. So this is Bing search.

As we know, Bing always comes up first, followed by Google a month or so later. And Bing is key in getting the autocomplete working for both search engines. Let me introduce my colleague, Carl Smith, who’s going to give you a brief introduction.

First of all, this is the autocomplete on Google and Bing. As you can see, what Google and Bing is trying to do is complete your sentence. Now, 71% of everybody that uses Google for Bing uses the autocomplete.

But think about this just for a second. We’re asking for groceries, and we didn’t even have to type out Minneapolis, and grocery Minneapolis Walmart store 2198 popped up. Think about that just for a second, because I know you do billboards.

Can you imagine having a billboard when somebody is wanting to buy groceries in Minneapolis? 100% of the time, using that keyword, you’ll come up. We’re going to click on the grocery Minneapolis Walmart store 2198. Wow, what just happened? Now, I want to take you back to the search bar up on top, and look what it says.

So Bing and Google thinks that you actually asked for grocery Minneapolis, but in the autocomplete was the name of the business. So what happened is that Google and Bing think that you really want the Walmart store 2198, and look what happens here. As you can see, the superstore is right here.

They own the maps. This is their Bing profile. You can do a lot right here.

And another note that I want to talk about is that you see how Bing is trying to complete your sentence. All of a sudden, they see your store there. They think that Bing or Google actually recommended you.

Now, they didn’t, but could you imagine the end user out there? They’re looking in the autocomplete saying, why is Walmart there? That’s got to be good. So when they click on that, you now own the entire page. There are three things that we’re going to be doing for you today.

One, put you in as a billboard when somebody’s actually wanting groceries in Minneapolis or anywhere that you’re going to be. Two, we’re now going to go ahead and take you to where no more competition. It’s only you, and you own the whole page.

But the third thing is that in your Google Analytics, you can check your Google Analytics right now. That will register in the source bar. So let’s have a look at the search terms that we’ve worked on.

The first keyword we’re going to look at is clothing store in Minneapolis. So let’s see who comes up, and straight away we can see it’s Walmart 2198 and Walmart Superstore. So we worked on both of these key phrases with Minneapolis and the additional keywords.

So let’s try another one. Let’s go for electronics store in Minneapolis. And start typing Minneapolis.

Who comes up? Walmart 2198 and Walmart store. Nobody else. Notice that nobody else comes up.

Let’s try another one. Let’s go for office supplies. Another major keyword here in Minneapolis.

No surprises. It’s Walmart 2198 and Walmart store. Now you may be thinking, why is this 2198? Well this proves that it’s our work that has actually brought this up.

Okay. Otherwise, obviously that wouldn’t come up. Now what happens if you were living in Minneapolis and you keyed in pet food? Pet food Minneapolis.

Who comes up? Only Walmart for those two key phrases. Let’s go for pet supplies. A little bit more general, but again it’s a major keyword.

And there we have it. Walmart 2198 and Walmart Superstore. Let’s try something else.

Let’s go for video games. Yeah. Video game store in Minneapolis.

No surprises. Who’s going to come up? But it’s good to see. Of course this could be any store that would come up here if we worked on them.

So we’ve worked with more Walmart, but it could be your store. Let’s go a little bit more specialist. Let’s go for Xbox.

Xbox store Minneapolis. And we’re beginning to expect this now, aren’t we? Here we are. Walmart again, 2198 and Superstore.

So we can see that it’s working really, really well. Let’s try something completely different. Let’s try pharmacy in Minneapolis.

And this is a really valuable keyword. And who comes up? Of course it’s Walmart because this is the store that we’ve worked with. So let’s have a go at grocery.

Again, another broad, very valuable term that people will search on, particularly on their smartphones. And what do we see here? We actually see four results because we worked on grocery delivery as well, which we see coming up. So we’ve got four results there in the autocomplete.

Amazing. This is really, really powerful stuff. If you’re a Walmart employee or perhaps even a store manager, please see our special message for you below.

Now let’s focus on some keywords that would benefit your company. Imagine that you’re a business consultant in Atlanta. Who’s going to come up? Where’s your competition? Look at this.

Nobody. Nobody is there. But you could be there.

We could give that billboard position to you. What about in Phoenix? Maybe you’re operating in Phoenix. Look, nobody’s there.

You can claim this keyword combination now, today. What about in the finance area? What about somebody looking for mortgages? Let’s try that. See who comes up.

Mortgages in Houston. Let’s have a look. No company is there.

Look at that. That could be you. We can place you in this billboard position.

What about in the health sector? Let’s try wellness center in Chicago. Again, nobody there. This is so powerful.

So how do we get started with this? The first thing to do is to work out which keyword city combinations you want to reserve for your company. Now there’s a video below this one to help you with this. Our question is how can we select the best keyword combinations for our business? Well, you can look at your website analytics to see which keywords people have been using to get to your website.

You can also look at what keywords your competitors are using. Yes, and our premium service performs all this and gives a clear report detailing all the keywords and explaining the meaning behind the numbers. But these keywords may not be the people you want to target.

So another way is to simply think about what people will be entering into the search box to find the service you want to promote. So knowing which area you want to expand into is going to determine your keyword selection. Yes, for example if you’re a dentist in Chicago you may want to offer cosmetic dentistry and implants.

Or you may want to go for a specific service like teeth whitening Chicago or Chicago teeth whitening. Remember these are two different keyword sets. And other terms could be cosmetic dentist Chicago, dental crowns Chicago, dental implants Chicago, Invisalign Chicago, veneers Chicago.

When checking these key sets in the browser occasionally a name may come up if they have a lot of organic links. Yes, but as time goes by these unsupported organics are likely to weaken. However, because of the techniques we use we can just build more and more supports and your position will get stronger and stronger.

If that keyword slash city combination you want is already taken go for that city slash keyword version. For example Chicago dental implants instead of dental implants Chicago. That’s right, as we know these are different keyword sets.

We are working on exact match. So let’s have another look at the keyword and city combinations that we actually saw in the demonstration and that you could try yourself. So we saw obviously Walmart was a really big example for us and they basically went after their department names didn’t they? They did the electronics store, clothing store, office supplies, pet foods and all of these with just the city name directly after them and they’re doing very well from that.

So these could be anywhere obviously that could be grocery Phoenix or it could be pharmacy Austin and then you put your tag name after it. So those are some really good examples. There’s another couple there.

Personal injury attorney New York as we know that’s different from personal injury attorney NYC. They are different keywords and that’s why we’ve got different organizations tagged on the end and they both of them get thousands of hits per month. Now let’s have a look at the YouTube results that we saw and again this isn’t rocket science is it? So what did we look at? We looked at dental clinic St. Paul and we saw NYC home renovation.

Okay they just put the city in the front there. Fresno plumber okay and then Jim Flemington dentist Glendale realtor Dallas and then the last one there weight loss Los Angeles and then when we come to look at the tags this is going to be either the name of the channel or it’s going to be the most prominent phrase that they’ve used in their video titles. So that’s quite important to look at your video titles to see what you’ve used in those and in the descriptions what’s prominent about your channel and that’s what you want to use.

So by analyzing those ones you can see what the best strategy is. So all pretty simple really and the reason for that is that the field is just wide open at the moment. Now I do believe in the future it’s not going to be like this.

At the moment you can pick the absolute best keyword that goes for your area and for your business but later on you’ll probably have to narrow down and search for a good keyword. So this is really the absolute best time to snap up these easy keyword city combinations. Now to prove that we also looked at some potential keyword combinations that are at the moment blank.

They don’t have anything. We looked at business consultant Atlanta and also in Phoenix mortgages Houston and wellness center Chicago. All of these are prime prime keywords for the autocomplete mechanism.

And then there’s a few others that I’ve put there as well. Drywaller Austin, Best Diner Manhattan and maybe a San Francisco tax accountant will have both of these tags. A pair of them just to make sure and get that traffic.

So as we can see selecting your first two or three keyword combinations is pretty straightforward. Certainly a lot less complicated than CEO and pay-per-click where you actually need to have hundreds of different keywords. Like Walmart or the dentist example.

In fact we could easily find 10 combinations. Some of which may just be five pairs which are pretty obvious. After that tools such as UmbraSuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and SimilarWeb can help you to find the most effective extra keywords that you wish.

Benefits. And, does it work? If you’re viewing this on YouTube, you need to know the original website, Chit Chat Media, World Search Box Optimization Experts.

They put you in the auto-complete search box of Google and Bing. Now, they can also do the same for your YouTube channel. You move slow and I move fast, and that’s fast.

Let’s dive in and do some real-time searching on YouTube itself and see the results for ourselves. So, we’ll enter YouTube and here we are in the YouTube search box. So let’s enter a search term.

We’re going to go for dental clinic and that’s going to be at St Paul’s. So we’ll just enter this in and notice as soon as we write St Paul’s, straight away the box opens and we’ve got a recommendation, sedation and implant because that’s the channel we’ve been working with. Now some of these videos have gathered quite a few views, a few thousand, and a lot of them are due to search box optimisation, as we can see there.

But let’s have a look at some that we’ve been working on more recently. So let’s go for New York and home renovations. So that’s NYC, home renovations and let’s just see what comes up in the autocomplete.

The search box, there it is. You can see it’s come up there in the autocomplete, intrabuild. So clicking on that, here we can see that these videos have only got about 300 views, 440 views, this kind of thing.

But notice also there’s the search optimisation channel there and that’s our work helping to build the channel. Let’s have a look at another one, plumbers in Fresno. See who comes up here, plumbers and there you can see Lees Air Plumbing.

That’s the company. So a straightforward tradesman type of company. Again, not thousands of views, not millions, 240, some are 700, 800.

As I said, certainly not the millions that you might expect for top listing videos. Now let’s go to another one. Let’s go down the gym.

Let’s go to a gym in a town called Flemington. And as you can see straight away, we’ve got that max challenge coming up. That’s the one we work for.

As usual, at the very top, you’ve got an advert, can’t do much about that. But look at all these coming up and they’re quite low, 36 views, 46, 22, 24 views, 30, so if we can get these videos to the top, well, we can do it for you. Let’s go and have a look at another one, another dentist this time.

And this is a dentist in Glendale. So let’s key that in. Dentist in Glendale and there we have it.

Smiles Dentistry. Okay, winning smiles. That’s the one we work with.

And as you can see, again, not a lot of views, but all at the top of the listing, one that we’ve worked on. As I said, think about the additional revenue, all the extra views that are going to be coming to this company. No doubt this is going to represent tens of thousands of dollars.

And now a realtor in Dallas and another area where high returns can be made. Think of the additional revenue, all the extra views that are going to be brought to this company. They’ve got quite a few videos and all of them now are being at the top of the list.

This is going to be worth tens of thousands of dollars to this company. Finally, let’s do another one. Let’s do weight loss.

Yes, good old weight loss video. There’s thousands and probably millions of weight loss videos out there, but weight loss in Los Angeles, who comes up? On the autocomplete, the company we work with, Body Systems Wellness. Now, after recording this, someone made the very good point that it should really have been done in the private or incognito browser so that it’s completely unaffected by my personal search history.

Well, fair enough. Let’s do that. As you can see, we’re going into the private browsing area now and then straight into YouTube.

We’re going to be looking at pretty much the same videos that we looked at before, so using the same search criteria, perhaps in a different order than we did. I’ve just done this as I could remember them. But of course, you can do this yourself, can’t you? So go into your incognito and test this out yourself.

You’ll see that you come up with exactly the same results. Now, there’s one final point that I think we should think about, and it’s really important. Realize that the visitors to these videos have all come from the search box, so they haven’t been aimlessly browsing videos.

These are really hot leads because they enter the keywords that you select. Think about that. All of these additional visitors are all hot prospects, highly likely to engage, to comment, to like, and to convert to a sale.

So really, what you need to ask yourself is, how much is the value of having your videos come up in the top positions when someone does a search in YouTube for a keyword that you want to be listed for? Let’s face it, you may have already invested thousands of dollars in producing some of your videos, but how many people are actually seeing them? By using our YouTube search box optimization, you can multiply that investment and get a hefty profitable return on the monthly fee. So how can you get your video channel boosted by using the YouTube autocomplete? Well, head over to and learn how it all works, both the Google and Bing search engines together with YouTube.